Van Scarlettini

IC Cerdik Farouk van Scarlettini

Siamese lilac point


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Genetic information:

 Cerdik Farouk van Scarlettini carries the blotched-gene

Being a lilac Siamese, Cerdik has a genotype with the greatest amount of recessive genes through which he is homozygous for:

* non-agouti  * chocolate  * points  * dilution

all of his offspring will inherit these genes

Genotype:   aa bb cscs dd

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Two studs in a very small basket

Birthday present from Mary Kay (the 'Koverlet'- blanket)

21.12.2004 Cerdik & Atik

Kuching & Cerdik Farouk van Scarlettini

~~ father and daughter ~~

Cerdik & Jimat van Scarlettini


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December 15, 2005 Cerdik was neutered.

Nanda Alstede