Van Scarlettini


CH Intermezzo's Noble Dancer


Oriental Shorthair black tabby blotched


19 January 2006 Nobby, together with Hitam, moved to Ilona Batenburg and Peter van Andel. Some pictures of their fantastic new home and new animal friends.

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22 June 2006 we paid Nobby and Hitam a visit at Ilona's. They are doing fine!


Nobby's new friend is a white neuter


and Hitam loves all the dogs!

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Genetic information:

Noble Dancer carries the chocolate and non-agouti gene and is homozygous for oriental and dark pigmentation (does not carry dilution)

Genotype:   Aa Bb CC DD mcmc

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Nobby, Hitam, Gadis & Atik   Nobby & Atik

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for Noble Dancer's showresults 

for the offspring from outdoor stud services


Noble Dancer was neutered December 23, 2005


Nanda Alstede