24 January 2021 our sweet and gentle
Xandee left us ....

 2 September 2019 we had to let go Do van Scarlettini
 Sweet granny for all of her daughters kittens.

28 August 2019, only a few weeks after her big love Cliff died,
also Marit van Scarlettini went over the Rainbow Bridge.

31 July 2019  we had to let go our sweet and
spontaneous Cliff van Scarlettini, Marit's big friend. She
and we will miss him terribly.


 7 November 2017 we had to say goodbye to
 Mohana van Scarlettini,  Quincy's best friend


10 October 2017 Wulan van Scarlettini left us.
Sweet, gentle Wulan, Bente's little friend.

21 July 2017 we had to let go Rukmini van Scarlettini.
The best mother and also grandmother for all kittens
of her daughter.

 1 March 2017 too early we had to say goodbye to
our beautiful and sweet CH Pinocchio A*Oriental Child.


22 November 2016  we had to say goodbye to
Shahrivar van Scarlettini

3 August 2016  we had to say goodbye to our
first blotched stud Fionn van Scarlettini

 14 July 2015  we had to let go our sweet and crazy Cinderella. Only
2 weeks ago she jumped easily on top of the door in the garden but suddenly her
candle went out. She will be terribly missed.

20 February 2015 Hilary  died after a problematic pregnancy
and cesarean section.

17 September 2014 Bizet left us far too soon. He
will live on in his little daughter Queeny.

1  September 2014  we had to let go our freebooter Sulfuric Boris
Boris was a very lovely boy with special qualities. He will be missed ....


8  June 2014  our sweet, devoted stud CH Kattilan
Starfighter (Starsky) left us. His spirit lives on in
his offspring.

7  December 2013  our sweet and gentle Ourania
left us. We will miss this adorable girl so much ...
Rest in Peace, Ourania

28  August 2013  we had to say goodbye to our sweet, wise and gentle Lil.
Together with Starsky she came from Finland to us.
We loved her so much and she gave us many beautiful kittens.
Rest in Peace, sweet Lil.

20 January 2013 one of the sweetest queens we ever had
left us. We will miss our gentle Tanith terribly ....

11 December 2012 we had to let go our beautiful Dalai.
His looks were unique with his intense green eyes, and he had a great personality.
We will miss this wonderful boy terribly.
Rest in Peace
CH   Dalai von Kadir Shahla

2 July 2012 we had to say good-bye to
our girl with the beautiful green eyes

CH  Kattilan Suomi Neito

Our beloved, wise Grand Old Lady CH  Felitan Sailon is no longer with us ...
Her character was unique. Men and animals will miss her so very much.

Sailon was our first imported cat.

4  September 2011 we lost our sweet, gorgeous boy
Félix Les Amours de Kerliou.

With pain in our hearts we had to abandon him way too soon to
the assassin called FIP ....


 9  September 2010  our 'Black Diva', Onda van Scarlettini, left us.
We will miss her very distinct and vocal presence ....


With sadness we had to say goodbye to our Dewi, August 12, 2010

We are devastated that, totally unexpected and way too soon, we had to say goodbye to our beloved
and very special boy Sweety. We will cherish the beautiful memories of this unique cat.
He will stay in our hearts forever......

After a long and good life, my beloved horse Vanja passed away in the age of almost 32 years. She was the one who gave me strength during difficult years in the past.  Having been part of my life for almost 30 years, it will take time to getting used to the idea that she is no longer around.

Thank you, sweet horse, for all the goods things you gave to me.

1997 - 2009

(click the picture to read the beautiful poem[in Dutch] her owner, Fenna van Waard, wrote for her when it became obvious that she would die )

'Keiko'  - painted by Fenna's nephew

*  26.06.1997 - †  23.01.2009


And again we are in grief ....

Our beloved New Foundlander Chérie left us. Almost 12 years old. She was incurably ill. We will terribly miss our sweet, self-willed, true and devoted bear ....

Me and my shadow ......

the very last photo ...
and farewell toChérie

Bodil and Cinderella stayed with her till she was taken away by the crematory ...  so touching .....

It wasn't meant to be .....

He was with us for only one week and we already loved him so much ....

Goldy suffered of an intussusception and in spite of two operations he had to give up.

He will rest next to his grandfather Galaxy.

We miss him.

Nicole Hulten, cattery Abilities, sent us, as a consolation, a wonderful story.
Read it here

"wenn Du bei Nacht den Himmel anschaust, wird es Dir sein, als lachten die Sterne.
Weil ich auf einem von Ihnen wohne.....
Weil ich auf einem von ihnen lache.
Nur Du alleine wirst die Sterne haben, die lachen können.
Und wenn Du Dich getröstet hast,
wirst Du froh sein mich gekannt zu haben."

(Antoine de Saint-Exupéry)

Nun ist der kleine Goldfinger bestimmt bei seinem Opa auf dem Stern und sie werden nur für Euch lachen und nur Ihr werdet es hören.
Gute Reise kleiner Freund und grüß mir Deinen wundervollen Opa von mir.
Liebe Grüße,


We are in immense grief over the death of our beloved boy Galaxy,9 September 2008. We can hardly comprehend that he is gone forever. Galaxy was a unique animal with a wonderful and sweet temperament. He cannot be missed .... We will never forget him and he lives on in our memory.

Galaxy has been layed to rest in our garden.



Arnhem, 29 March 2008 - in happier days .....

We received innumerable sweet and touching reactions and it gives us a good feeling to know that we have many good friends in the catfancy. We want to thank everyone from the bottom of our heart for the support. A few reactions are below.

Still, seid leise.
es ist ein Engel auf der Reise,
er wollte nur kurz bei euch sein,
warum er ging weiß Gott allein,
vergesst ihn nicht, er war so klein.

Ein Hauch nur bleibt vom ihm zurück,
in meinem Herzen ein großes Stück,
er wird jetzt immer bei euch sein,
vergesst ihn nicht, er war so klein.

Geht nun ein Wind an milden Tag,
so denkt, es war sein Flügelschlag,
und wenn ihr fragt, wo mag er sein?
Ein Engel, der ist nie allein.

Er kann nun alle Farben sehn,
auf vier Pfoten durch die Wolken gehn
und wenn ihr ihn auch so vermißt
und weint weil er nicht mehr bei euch ist,
dann denkt, im Himmel, wo s ihn jetzt gibt,
erzählt er stolz,

"Ich werde geliebt"


Jan Käss & Christian Kurz, Cattery Von Leonurus, Duitsland


Sternenkatzen gurren leise,

begleiten dich auf deiner Reise.

geliebtes Katzenkind.

Nur wir sind hier zurückgeblieben,

vergiss uns nicht,

 die die dich lieben.

Angelika Wehrmann , Cattery Sharifa, Duitsland

Gsus is a Galaxy-son

Gail French, USA, wrote this beautiful poem for Galaxy.



My name  is Galaxy of the Seventh Heaven
Look into my eyes they are the color of a springtime meadow
There you will  find wisdom
I am an old soul
My name is Galaxy
My life here  was oh, so very short
A hundred years would be too short a time
I live on in my companion’s memories
and the kittens I fathered with deep love  and devotion
My name is Galaxy
I am a dancer
I follow the  sunbeams as they dance around my home
My fur is the color of the silver  moonlight
and a frosty morning
My name is Galaxy
I am the  bringer of peace
the giver of boundless love
Can you see my shadow as I  run to greet you when you return to our home?
I am here,
 I am as  close as that shadow that crosses your path
My name is  Galaxy
Look up into the night sky
You will see me there, dancing amongst  the stars and infinite galaxies
My name is Galaxy
Can you hear  my purr?
Can you hear my voice, telling you of my day?
I will reside in  your hearts forever
I will wait for you

In deepest sympathy

Gail and the small herd of cats


homage to Saïd made by Marjan Kort






Nanda Alstede