Van Scarlettini



One of the nicest accidental circumstances which comes with breeding, is thinking of how to name the kittens. There are breeders who use themes (they call kittens after e.g. composers, perfumes, pop-idols etc.). We chose the possibility of giving all kittens of a new-born litter a name starting with the same character of the alphabet. You have a peg to hang your hat on and in future it is easier to trace out of which combination a certain cat was born.

After 10 years of breeding the alphabet was finished and we had to start all over again. We wanted to follow the alphabet again but, at the same time, do it differently. Because of the fact that we both adore Indonesia - Harry was born there and we went on a holiday to Bali and Java in 2002 - the idea came up to give our kittens Malayan names.

Our trip to Indonesia was our dream-come-true and for Harry it was a unique possibility to find his roots again after a period of almost 50 years.


ali is heaven-on-earth and stole our hearts.

 That's why, each time a new litter is born, we take up the Indonesian dictionary and search for suitable names, preferably with a meaning and colour indication.

A lovely Indonesian girl, called Atik, arranged our trip from Bali to Java and we decided to name the kitten of the A-litter, which stayed with us, after her. With this litter we were not as consistent as we are now and only Atik has an Indonesian name. The other kittens are called Aalijah (= the best) and Atum (= an Egyptian god). We bought two kittens with other breeders who allowed us to give the kittens our own names. These are:

Zillion's Bagus - 'bagus' means 'beautiful'


Hitam Perak Markies de Carabbas - 'hitam'= black, 'perak' = silver




The   litter

Atik van Scarlettini                            -        Atik = travel-agent on Bali

The   litter

Biru Perak van Scarlettini            -        biru = blue / perak = silver

Bintik Biru van Scarlettini           -        bintik = spot / biru = blue

Biduri Hijau van Scarlettini        -        biduri = cats'-eye / hijau = green

Badut Bagus van Scarlettini        -        badut = clown / bagus = beautiful

The   litter

Cerdik Farouk van Scarlettini    -        cerdik = clever

The      litter

Dagu Romeo van Scarlettini     -            dagu = chin

Damai van Scarlettini                    -            damai = peace

Dokoh van Scarlettini                    -            dokoh = ornament

Dara Juliette van Scarlettini     -            dara = young girl, virgin

Dewi van Scarlettini                        -            dewi = goddess

The      litter

Člok Biru van Scarlettini             -            člok = beautiful / biru = blauw

Čkor Biru van Scarlettini            -             čkor = tail / biru = blauw

Emas Hitam van Scarlettini      -            emas = gold / hitam = black

Čbi Coklat van Scarlettini           -            čbi = Indonesian food / coklat = chocolate

Esa Coklat van Scarlettini           -            esa = unique / coklat = chocolate

Elu Coklat van Scarlettini           -            elu = welcome / coklat = chocolate

The    litter

Fasih Ungu van Scarlettini        -            fasih = eloquent / ungu = lilac

The    litter

Gadis Biru van Scarlettini         -            gadis = girl, virgin / biru = blauw

The litter:

Hadiah van Scarlettini                       -        hadiah =  gift

Hajat van Scarlettini                        -        hajat =  wish, desire

Halus van Scarlettini                       -        halus = delicate

Handai van Scarlettini                    -        handai =   friend

In the Malayan language the 'H '  is not pronounced, just like in French.

The litter:

Idola van Scarlettini                        -       idola = idol

Ilahi van Scarlettini                         -       ilahi = divine

Indah van Scarlettini                      -       indah = beautiful, gorgeous

Indra van Scarlettini                       -       indra = sublime, royal

Inilah van Scarlettini                      -       inilah = this is the one!

Itu Dia van Scarlettini                     -      itu dia = there he is!

The litter:

Jago van Scarlettini                            -    jago = cock of the walk (ringleader), hero

Janji van Scarlettini                           -    janji = promise

Jimat van Scarlettini                         -    jimat = mascot, amulet

In Malayan the 'J'  is pronounced as:  'Dj'.

The litter:

Kucing van Scarlettini                      -   kucing = cat   (pronounce as:  kootching)

Karya van Scarlettini                          -   karya =  creation

The litter:

Lelaki van Scarlettini                         -   lelaki = male

Laku Lucce  van Scarlettini           -   laku =  in demand, popular

                                                                                lucce = light (Italian), added on request of the new owners.

Langsing van Scarlettini                  -   langsing = slender, slim

Luwes van Scarlettini                        -   luwes = attractive, a beauty

Lima van Scarlettini                           -   lima = five

The litter:

Mahaputra van Scarlettini              -  mahaputra = prince

Manis van Scarlettini                          -  manis = sweet

The litter:

Nyawa van Scarlettini                         - nyawa = life

Nakal  van Scarlettini                          -  nakal = naughty

Nyali  van Scarlettini                           -  nyali = courage

Nian  van Scarlettini                            -  nian = extraordinary

Nafiri  van Scarlettini                          -  nafiri = trumpet

The litter:

Onar van Scarlettini                            -  onar = noisy

Oknum van Scarlettini                      -  oknum = the individual

Onda van Scarlettini                            -  onda = wave

Obrol van Scarlettini                           -  obrol = chatter

Oré van Scarlettini                                -  oré = hurrah! joy

The litter:

Pahlawan van Scarlettini                  -  pahlawan = brave warrior

Paku Buwana van Scarlettini         -  paku buwana = pivot of the world 

Putri Lues van Scarlettini                -   putri lues = beauty queen

The litter:

In Malayan no words with a Q exist. We, therefore, chose the following names:

Querida van Scarlettini

Quasar  van Scarlettini

Quimby  van Scarlettini

Quicksilver  van Scarlettini

The litter:

Ratna van Scarlettini        -        ratna = jewel

Raja van Scarlettini            -        raja = king

Rintik van Scarlettini        -       rintik = spotted

The litter:

Sinyo van Scarlettini           -       sinyo = boy

The litter:

Tarik Teman van Scarlettini           -       tarik = attractive,  teman = friend, companion

The litter:

Ukiran van Scarlettini           -    ukiran = sculpture

Uli van Scarlettini                     -    uli = cake made of glutinous rice

Utama van Scarlettini            -    utama = the best

Umbai van Scarlettini            -    umbai = fringe

Upaya van Scarlettini             -    upaya = means to reach an aim

Untung van Scarlettini          -    untung = good luck

The litter:

Vishnu van Scarlettini           -    Vishnu = Hindu god

The litter:

Wayan van Scarlettini           -    Wayan = first-born

Wati van Scarlettini                 -    Wati = feminine nature

Waduh van Scarlettini           -    Waduh = sensitive

Wanita van Scarlettini           -    Wanita = woman, female

Warna van Scarlettini            -    Warna = colour

Wacana van Scarlettini          -    Wacana = speech

The litter:

In Malayan no words with a Q exist. We, therefore, chose the following names:

Xanadu van Scarlettini

Xegoya van Scarlettini

Xumari van Scarlettini

Xena van Scarlettini

Xylia van Scarlettini

The litter:

Yahut van Scarlettini            -        Yahut = beautiful, charming, sweet

Yuana van Scarlettini            -        Yuana = youthful

The litter:

Zamrud van Scarlettini            -        Zamrud = emerald

Zipper van Scarlettini            -           Zipper = zip-fastener      (we were glad that his mother didn't need
                                                                                                 a zip-fastener and that he was born the natural way without


Behind the Name

campong in Taman Griya, Bali


Nanda Alstede