Van Scarlettini

painting by Svetlana Novikova

03.06.1978  - 17.01.2010

KWPN-er (Koninklijk Nederlands Paardenstamboek)

25 July 2009

3 June 2009

03 June 2008

4 May 2008

almost 30 years old

14 October 2007

29 years old


We bought Vanja (pedigree name 'Utopia') when she was 3 years old and, so called, 'green' (not ridden). We tought her everything ourselves and she became M-dressage and M-jumping.  

Especially cross country she liked most! She won a lot of prices, most of these with my daughter Edith, who was the one doing competitions. Now, 27 years old, she has retired and she lives on a farm for old horses, Stompwijk. She now lives the life which is natural for horses: in a herd together with other old horses and from May until October she is at grass.

During winter she has a large outside-box overviewing the fields.


Vanja is a daughter of the stallion Luitenant General, which is the son of the English thoroughbred Cartoonist.



drawing: Carla van der Marel

Vanja met edith en Evelien.Vanja met Jelle en daniel

Vanja met Edith en Evelien.




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