Van Scarlettini
Hitam Perak Markies de Carabbas   

Oriental Shorthair black silver tabby spotted

09.10.2002 - 15.12.2007


19 January 2006 Nobby, together with Hitam, moved to Ilona Batenburg and Peter van Andel. Some pictures of their fantastic new home and new animal friends.

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22 June 2006 we paid Nobby and Hitam a visit at Ilona's. They are doing fine!


Nobby's new friend is a white neuter


and Hitam loves all the dogs!

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Genetic information:

Hitam carries the dilute, chocolate, point-, non-agouti and non-silver gene

Genotype:   Aa Bb Ccs Dd Ii  

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5 January 2006 Hitam was neutered.

Nanda Alstede