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Indah van Scarlettini

Oriental Shorthair lilac

04.03.2004 - 20.08.2017

Regretfully we had to decide to rehome Indah van Scarlettini for her own good. After a stay of one week in the animal hospital the group no longer accepted her and attacked her constantly. She now lives together with Dylan van Scarlettini with Ad Zuijderduin, Voorschoten


Genetic information:

Indah has the ticked tabby pattern (as ghost marking)

Indah is due to her solid lilac colour homozygous for non-agouti, chocolate, oriental and dilute

Genotype:   aa bb CC dd Tata  

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daughter and mother



Indah 6 wk.

  Indah 5 wk.    met broertje Indra


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