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'Amor Vincit Omnia'

You may not be surprised by the fact that we love cats and other four-legged creatures. The hobby we share brought us together. We dearly love our cats, which we keep for pleasure in the first place and simply because we cannot imagine how our life would be without animals. Besides we think breeding of healthy and beautiful Siamese and Orientals extremely fascinating. Each time when one of our females gives birth to a healthy litter, this is such a wonderful happening. It is so nice to see these little creatures – at first deaf and blind, not bigger than a fair-sized mouse – developing into real cats with their own character and looks.

We both like the so called ‘modern’ type of Siamese/Oriental Shorthair.

As far as breeding of cats is concerned, Harry no doubt is the most experienced one.  He has sucked it in with his mother’s milk. His mother died 18 February 2004 in the age of 95 years. In 1957 she already bred Persian cats. She was amongst the first breeders of the Persian Colour point. It was obvious that Harry continued breeding Persian Chinchilla’s for more than 30 years until the moment that he was touched by the grace and beauty of Oriental cats with their unique character.

With the same knowledge and enthusiasm he nowadays dedicates himself to breeding Siamese and Oriental Shorthair.  

Harry, 18 years old, with Chinchilla female Mignonne.  Harry with Persian kittens in 1958

Nanda, Siamese-lover from the start, having owned Siamese for almost all her life, only started breeding in 1994 under the catteryname ‘Van Scarlettini’. The choice of this name was more or less a last resource, as all catterynames applied for, already existed. We used to call our first breeding queen by her nickname ‘Scarlettini’ (she was a seal point Siamese and the name on her pedigree was Scarlett Artemis Agricola), and we thought it a good idea to call the cattery after her.

For many, many reasons Nanda is happy to have Harry around; especially when it comes to breeding he is a great help to her because of his immense genetic knowledge!

..... read here how it is to be a catbreeder ......

For a long time we lived in Voorburg - our house was one in a row.

Since 1 February 2007 we live the province of Drenthe, in a village called Drouwen which is situated on the 'Hondsrug' (a kind of higher plateau). We always dreamt to live close to nature and because we were no longer economically tied to the big city, we made our dream come true. We live in a detached house, only 5 minutes walk from woods, moors and sand-drifts.

and these are our neighbours:

For more pictures of our dream house 

Our garden is completely fenced in so that our cats can enjoy being outside too. There is a big run connected to the stud house and the cats which live in a separate part of our house have an outer run too.

For pictures of the outdoor runs and fence  

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Nanda Alstede

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