Van Scarlettini


   Mohana, Wulan, Quincy, Ourania, Hilary, Marit

   Een nieuwe kattensofa!

   gemaakt door Katarzyna Kozuch, Polen

   Een nieuwe krabpaal!


"dat werd tijd .... "

   De nieuwe drinkfontein is gearriveerd!

June 2012

This is how Harry watches TV ....


Cinderella, Pinocchio, Hilary & Dalai

May 2012

Pinocchio & Ourania

February 2012

Cliff and Bizet: two of a kind

December 2011

Peace on Earth .... Bente, Cliff & Bizet

   Een foto van de zoon van Galaxy, Dodi Matya Mou, siert de cover van SIOK magazine

November 2011

Hilary: 'Interesting stuff!'

August 2011

Dalai:  I'm still a baby .............

Dalai , Tanith and Cliff molesting Harry .....

Félix & Dalai

Mohana - Wulan - Dalai

Dit gebeurt er met de beesies van Albert Heijn!

This is what happens to the gadgets you get from our grocery store on the
occasion of the World Cup soccer


When Bente is not in the bench, Dalai takes possession of it

First day of Christmas 2009 - Peace on Earth .....

Iphigenia - Lily - Athina - Ourania - Dalai

Dalai  & Sweety

Iphigenia, Dalai, Sweety, Cinderella

Dalai heeft zijn eigen stoel ~~ Dalai has a chair of his own

Hoe Harry TV kijkt ... ~~ How Harry watches TV

left to right:  Uma - Tapio - Urien

Wiens bed is dit eigenlijk?  - - Who's bed is this?



'voor mij!' - - 'Mine!'


onze 'zilvergroep' - -  our 'silver group'

Sweety was zeer geïnteresseerd in dit kleine mensje - - Sweety was very much interested in this small human being

en Dalai nam bezit van zijn Maxi Cosy - - and Dalai took possession of his Maxi Cosy



Puur toeval, of .... ? Bijna elke dag bezoekt Boris Galaxy's graf .....

Just a coincidence, or .... ? Almost every day Boris pays Galaxy's grave a visit ....

'Wat is dàt in vredesnaam???' - -  'What the hell is thàt???'


Dewi, terwijl het buiten 29° C is ~~ Dewi, while outside it is 29°C

twee slapende mannen ......- - two men asleep ......


Nóg een nieuwe stoel! --  Another new chair!


Dalai: 'How nice of you to buy this chair especially for ME!'

'Wat aardig dat jullie deze stoel speciaal voor MIJ gekocht hebben!'


Hoe Harry probeert zijn toetje te eten -- How Harry tries to eat his desert

Boris heeft zijn eigen weiland -- Boris has a meadow of his own

Ourania & Dalai



Ourania & Dalai - best friends


Neito & Sailon, two fat neuters ...

Sweety and Lily looking out the window

Harry gets 'help' from Boris and Sweety


Dalai & Sweety

Dalai & Mohana

Dalai and his new mommy Lil


Dalai & Sweety

Boris' avondritueel ~~ Boris' night ritual

Sweety and Iphigenia


Nyyrikki and Ourania, sworn friends



what is more beautiful than playing with an ordinary box from the supermarket?

Nyyrikki, Ourania en Mohana - January 2009

Ourania van Scarlettini and Sweety


Ourania van Scarlettini and Nyyrikki

It's sleepy time ..... Sweety & Heathcliff


Oosterlingen houden van kinderen ~~ Orientals love children



Soort zoekt soort

Like will to like 

Every night the same ritual: when they notice that we make preparations to go to bed, Sweety and Heathcliff make their way to the bathroom and patiently wait together till we are ready to go upstairs.

'I love that new couch!'


'It's a dual-purpose couch!'

Sweety and his future bride, Mohana van Scarlettini

Sweety and Heathcliff, sworn friends


Sweety and Heathcliff, bosom-friends

Harry gets help from Iphigenia with grooming Chérie 

Sweety and his girlfriend Iphigenia


Sweety completely at home after 2 weeks!

Eirene & Bridget


Lily, expecting her litter any minute, makes sure that she at least has one kitten. Sweety found himself a new mommy :-)


February 2008

Introduction of Sweet Cats What Else? aka Sweety


January 2008


Cinderella & Chérie

Iphigenia using Harry's laptop

Bridget's manicure

Mother Gadis with her daughter Xegoya, granddaughters Waduh and Bridget and great-granddaughter Iphigenia  

This is how come Harry doesn't have much hair anymore .....

December 2007

October 2007

'Who is that strange dog in our garden???' (photo: Marijke Kamp)

September 2007


Fionn & Galaxy

Bridget, Cinderella & Xegoya

a new basket for princesses ...

puzzle picture .......

'our' kitchen table ...
left to right: Starsky, Bridget, Lily, Eirene, Cinderella


how Harry watches TV

Cinderella always helpful

Cinderella & Chérie


Father & daughter


Sandokan, Said & Cerdik

Bridget stealing bread



Galaxy and his daughter Waduh

Cerdik & Bridget


Galaxy & Sandokan 


Cerdik, Xegoya & Sandokan

waiting for food ........... 



Xegoya with grandpa Cerdik and great grandpa Saïd

Just sweet pictures





Our boys go along very well together


Dolce helping Harry to make the garden catproof (again) 



Nanda Alstede