The Peterbald (EMS-code PEB) is a hairless cat of oriental type and originating from Russia. FIFe recognized the breed during the General Assembly 2006 in Rome as an addition to Category IV. Permitted outcrosses: Siamese, Orientals, Seychellois, but only for breeding Peterbald!

The above adorable kitten was bred by Cathérine Bastide under the prefix 'Barabashka' which is Russian for 'guardian angel'.

The parents are:

Sire: Volshebny Swer Zorro, chocolate spotted Peterbald bred by Svetlana Gilenko (St Petersburg)

Dam: El Shaklan Veni Vidi Vicci, seal silver tabby point and white Siamese (Kattilan Al Capone x Habanita U’Nour al Raïs) bred by Cathérine Bastide

more kittens from this litter:



'El Shaklan Callas Furrever'  seal silver tabby point Peterbald

Breeder: Cathérine Bastide - Owner: Yvonne Kleijn


'Ideal Cat Child of Fortune'

Chocolate tabby point Peterbald / owner Petra Lerch

breeders: Julija and Indre from Lithuania

GC LaMASKA She’s-a-Phantom, velours coat Chocolate Tabby Point Female


Breeder/owner: Mariette Burger, cattery LaMASKA, South Africa

Hereunder some pictures taken during the General Assembly of FIFe in Rome in May 2006 where the Peterbald was recognized.

left: Sabine Gruet, Cattery La Valluna, France, with 'ALF ROXY KONTY' 

'ALF ROXY KONTY' with breeder Natalia of Alf Cattery, Russia

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