Oré Bodil van de Romi's Hoeve
Sex female Reg.nr.  
Date of birth 12 May 2007 Breed Labrador Retriever
Owner Harry & Nanda Alstede Breeder Ronald & Mira Wormgoor
Colour & Markings  black Call Name Bodil

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Wit's End Windfall Flyn O'Hyspire


Dickendall Davaron Gable


CH Dickendall Arnold


CH Dickendall Ruffy


Dickendalls A-ha

Wolvercote Gaity Girl

CH Sandylands Gad-About


Kimvalley Geisha Girl At Wolvercote

Windfall Lubberline Regatta

Hunt Club Clayview Rainman

CH Guideline's Century Condensed

Rocheby Raindrop

Windfall's Fortune Cookie

Dickendall Arnold


CH Windfall Win Storm


Lizzy van de Romi's Hoeve


CH Guideline's With A Will  

Fieldvalley's Fabianco


CH Lundsiden's Alex


CH Fieldvalley's Alina Mertoun 


Winnie's Copy It Right

Guideline's Copyright


Novacroft Madeleine

Whisper van de Romi's Hoeve


CH Trendmaker's Tycoon 


CH Trendmaker's Mugwump

rendmaker's Traffic Jam


Madoe van de Romi's Hoeve

Brigburn Zenith


Bright Kimberly van de Romi's Hoeve



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