Black Bears Avenue's Ymke
Sex female  
Date of birth 14 March 2018 Breed Newfoundlander
Owner Harry & Nanda Alstede Breeder Anneke & Thomas Vroom
Colour & Markings  Black - white spot on chest and paws Call Name Ymke

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Make Me Proud de Anmalamual

(aka Pablo)


CH Can't Take My Eyes Off You del Basaburua

(aka Jackson)



Am CH Dreamtime for Shadows Eternity


CH Fairweather's A Great Pretender

CH Kendian's in your Eyes


Gone with the Wind del Basaburua (aka Nena)

CH Darbydale's you've got Mmale

CH Un Paso Adelante de l'Iliade et l'Odyssée


For Sure de Anmalamual

(aka Carma)

CH Kodiak Acres Name in Bright Lights

CH Council Cup's Star of Kodiak Acres (aka Jimmy)

Southwind's Mad about You (aka Maddie)

CH Make a Wish de Anmalamual (aka Cara)

CH Midnite Bays Smart Asset

Vera Anmalamual de l'Hacienda des Perles Noires

Black Bears Avenue's Viola

(aka Bibi)


CH Bruce vom Versetal



CH Ursinus Velutus El Fuego en Soul

CH Skipper's Emperior King of Helluland  (aka Lincoln)

CH Usinus Velutus Talent Show


Keoma's Diana in my Heart

Ursinus Velutus Vaya Con Dios

Ursinus Velutus Play Fellow

Black Bears Avenue's Queeni

(aka Jelo)

Celebremos a la Aluna des Oursons du Vent (aka Paco)


CH Pouch Coves Onyx-Bay Wizard (aka Webster)

CH Weebles Wobble des Oursons du Vent

Black Bears Avenue's Indian Summer

INT CH Route 66 v. Strait of Belle Isle

CH Black Bears Avenue's Cacharel


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