Van Scarlettini




We make it our object to breed healthy, thoroughbred Siamese and Oriental Shorthair with a specificly social nature.

Because of the fact that their slender and elegant physique and their characteristic shape of head are based on large groups of genes (so called ‘polygenes’), we try through selection on these characteristics and line-breeding with lines from three different continents (America, Australia and Europe) to maintain the necessary genetic variation. This is to obtain an optimal function of the immune-system and to prevent in-breeding depression.  

Preferably we breed the Siamese in the classic colours: seal point, blue point, chocolate point and lilac point, however, in our opinion the cinnamon point – a variety  recognized by FIFe per January 1, 2005 – can be breathtaking beautiful. (Fife is an international master-organisation of cat clubs worldwide). 

In order to widen the gene pool of the Siamese and to improve the type in head and body, we extended our breeding programm with the Seychellois (= Siamese with white)which was recognized by FIFe as per 1 January 2006.

As far as the Oriental Shorthair is concerned, our breeding programme encloses – besides the solid (non-agouti) colours like black (ebony), blue, chocolate (havana), lilac (lavendel), cinnamon and fawn – the spotted and blotched tabby patterns, with or without silver foundation, in the colours black, blue, chocolate, lilac, cinnamon and fawn.

Since 2005 we widened our breeding programm with the Oriental Shorthair with white  in every possible colour, tabby pattern and quantity of white (bicolour, harlequin and/or van).

It is a feast for the eyes to watch such a spotted oriental prowling through the garden like a panther in the jungle!




(Richard Shrake, breeder Arabian Horses)


What we have done for ourselves alone dies with us. 

What we have done for
others and the world 

remains and is immortal.  

(Albert Pine)


Nanda Alstede