photo: Yves Lanceau
breeder: Yvonne Kleijn 

A Seychellois is nothing more or less than a

Siamese with white

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Felides Vivres 100 Purrcent 
chocolate point met wit

Sire: El Shaklan Vae Victis - Dam: Felides Vivres Purrfait d'Amour

bred by Yvonne Kleijn, Cattery Felides Vivres


Sire: El Shaklan Vae Victis - Dam: CH Byoux van Release

bred by Marjan & Paul Kort, Cattery Van Release



two Seychellois boys bred by



Seychellois chocolate point (SYS b 03)

breeder/owner: Susanna Zorzi - Cattery Woophy's, Italy


What do Seychellois kittens look like? Here are some pictures from Cattery Tachimas'.

6 weeks later:


out of:  Tachimas' Cookie and Cream x El Shaklan Vae Victis


Finally 12 weeks old:



Tachimas' Arsene and Dressedtokill

and their litter sister

Tachimas' Justasiamese



Seychellois kitten (3 weeks) - Cattery Bits 'n Pieces - Anke Verberne


Thea Friscovec

sung to the tune of "Que Sera Sera":

Seychellois, 'chellois
A lovely new breed are we.
Don't call us a Si-a-meeeeese!
Seychellois, 'chellois

(Song by Lorraine Shelton made after the recognition of the Seychellois)

Seychellois in Art




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