Komboloi's Athina

Oriental Shorthair cinnamon tabby spotted (OSH o 24)

15 June 2009

17 January 2015 Athina moved to Peter Adriaansz, The Hague, together with Beyoncé.


Genetic information:

   Athina was tested negative for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy)

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Genotype:   Aa blbl Ccs Dd Sp-

Athina carries the gene for non-agouti, points and dilution

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Athina's DNA-test which proves that she is cinnamon and carries the gene for non-agouti, points and dilution 

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for the pedigree of SC Zipper van Scarlettini. In the last generation on mother's side is one Oriental Shorthair cinnamon
(El Chiridah's Jaywalker, marked in yellow) and the cinnamon-gene was carried along for many generations.
'Recessives are forever'.......


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Athina is obsessed by water ....



Athina en de jongens

'Welke zal ik kiezen?'

'May be better Iphigenia for the time being?'


Athina and her new lover:  Dalai

Athina and Ourania:  close friends




Athina and her new friends Shahrivar and Quincy

'Am I supposed to rise already?'

enjoying the sun in our bedroom

making her acquaintance with the cat group



and Sailon

Rukmini's reaction



Athina's first moments in her new home

Nanda Alstede