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Incredibly interesting movie about the mating, pregnancy and birth of cats and lions.
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  The Foreign White is a Siamese in a white coat. Click the picture of the Foreign White Klaas-Points Elrond for an interesting article about these special cats written by Hetty Berntrop.

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Gene location for dilution-gene d found!

After having found the gene mutation/location for b/bl (choc/cinnamon) and points the gene
mutation/location for the dilution-gene d has been found too. Hereunder all
information which Lorraine Shelton posted on the feline genetics list


The gene mutation for "dilute" (black to blue, chocolate to lilac,
cinnamon to fawn, red to cream) HAS BEEN FOUND by researchers in Dr.
Stephen O'Brien's laboratory and the National Institues of Health! The
gene is for the protein melanophilin. This is a deletion mutation
causing a premature stop in translation, preventing a functional protein
from being created. UC Davis' Veterinary Genetics Laboratory hopes to
have a DNA test available in a few months.

More information:
Melanophilin is a protein involved in melanosome transport. Melanin
synthesis occurs normally in cats with a mutated form of this protein,
but transport of the formed melanosome into the hairs is impeded. This
causes the "clumbing" of pigment granules that is observed
microscopically in "dilute" hairs.

And here is the abstract:

The American University UC Davis now has a DNA-test available with which it is possible to determine a.o. whether or not an Oriental Shorthair carries the gene for Siamese. See dr Leslie Lyons message hereunder:

I am pleased to announce that the DNA tests for Points and Sepia have been launched by the
Veterinary Genetics Laboratory at UC Davis.
You can now send a buccal (cheek)
 swab into UC Davis and have a cat tested to
determine it's genotype at the albinism locus: cscs,
cscb, cbcb, Ccs, Ccb, or CC. No more guessing as to
whether that cats is carrying points or not! It will
also identify albinism cats and carriers of that
allele (ca).

PKD testing in
British Shorthairs is also available.

for more information

Leslie A. Lyons, PhD                           

 Associate Professor
 Department of Population Health & Reproduction
 School of Veterinary Medicine
 University of California, Davis, Davis, CA 95616

 Lab e-mail:

As from 2011 a DNA-test for PRA (Progressive Retinal Atrophy) is available for
the oriental breeds (Siamese/Balinese, Oriental Short- and Longhair, Seychellois etc.)


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Cat Colour Genetics 'Feline Genetics Primer' - free feline genetics software for converting genotypes into phenotypes and calculating mating predictions. From the makers of Breeders Assistant Pedigree Software. Go to:



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  Do you want to search for pedigrees of specific Siamese and Oriental Shorthair lines, you may use the website of 

Thom Bloks, Ardeleana Cattery .



Cerdik mates with Akeisha  

  Are you looking for a stud in The Netherlands, you can find a studlist on the website of SIOK , the breedclub for Siamese and Orientals of Felikat and of SOK, the breedclub of the independent cat-association Neocat.  

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