Van Scarlettini



                  'I am a cat breeder'

                Pictures of our dream house



           our second alphabet

                  our third alphabet

                  our fourth alphabet


                Fife, CFA & GCCF titels

                       The Oriental Shorthair: Grooming for show


                       Development of a kitten in the uterus



                Colour codes

                        Information about tube-feeding

                        Colour prediction kittens out of certain combinations

                        Gestation calender


                 Plants poisonous for cats

                containing amongst others:

                  cat breeds names

                        facts and myths about cats

                         characters in the oriental breed

                        How to give a cat a pill?

                  The legend of the Japanese Lucky Cat Maneki Neko

                  What is your cat's  age in relation to the human's?


                       Interview with artist Gerdy Oskam


                       Cat Haiku


                     Siamese in movie and advertising

              Uncommon Siamese images


              My PSP creations


                      Xandee van Scarlettini 

                      Vicky van Scarlettini 

                      Utopia van Scarlettini                                                                                                        

                     Do van Scarlettini

                      Marit van Scarlettini 


                     Owen van Scarlettini  

                     Mondana Cats Benjamin Button 

                     Joep van 't Schip

                      Cliff van Scarlettini

                            Caravaggio Blue Lime Cats                           

                     Our Contract of  Sale

                           Pictures of the new owners


                  Rihanna van Scarlettini               

                       Quincy van Scarlettini                            


                      Queen van Scarlettini 

                      Beyoncé van Scarlettini

                      Komboloi's Athina

                      IC Heathcliff A*Oriental Child

                      CH S*Jackpott's Sandokan

                      Eirene van Scarlettini

                       Morcheeba's Dolce & Gabbana

                IC  Dagu Romeo van Scarlettini

                      Nafiri van Scarlettini

                      Indah van Scarlettini

                      Atik van Scarlettini

                      Ebi Coklat van Scarlettini

                      CH Intermezzo's Noble Dancer

                                                                                  offspring from outdoor stud services

                                                                                                             Nobby's showresults

                       Pinocchio A*Oriental Child

                      Mohana van Scarlettini

                      Rukmini van Scarlettini                       

                      Wulan van Scarlettini

                      Shahrivar van Scarlettini 

                      Cinderella van de Spinnekopjes

                      Fionn van Scarlettini               

                       Bizet van Scarlettini

                      Hilary van Scarlettini

                      CH Kattilan Starfighter

                      Ourania van Scarlettini 


                  Sulfuric Boris

                                                                                   Boris' showresults

                                                                                                               offspring from outdoor stud services

                      CH Kattilan Rangy Lil

                      Tanith van Scarlettini

                       CH Dalai von Kadir Shahla  

                      CH Kattilan Suomi Neito

                      CH  Felitan Sailon

                      Félix les Amours de Kerliou 

                      Waduh van Scarlettini

                       Nyyrikki van Scarlettini  

                      Sweet Cats What Else?

                      Onda van Scarlettini

                      CH Dewi van Scarlettini

                      Kumari van Scarlettini

                       Iphigenia van Scarlettini

                 IC  Cerdik Farouk van Scarlettini

                                                                                       offspring from outdoor stud services

                                                                                                              Cerdik's showresults

                      dog:  Black Bears Avenue's Chérie (New Foundlander)

                     dog:  Laika van de Romi's Hoeve (Labrador Retriever)

                      Artemis van Scarlettini

                      Xegoya van Scarlettini

                      GIC 7th Heaven's Galaxy

                       Bridget van Scarlettini

                      Gadis Biru van Scarlettini

                      IC  Okimiko van Scarlettini

                      Eilish van Scarlettini

                       Hitam Perak Markies de Carabbas

                      GIP/CH Loveatfirst-Saïd van Anatevka

                 story about the 'Rainbow Bridge'

                       Why cats don't live longer

                       dog:  Oré Bodil van de Romi's Hoeve (Labrador Retriever)

                       hond:  Sweet Bente van de Romi's Hoeve (Labrador Retriever)

                       horse:  Vanja  (KWPN)





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